Strategic Leadership in Technology and Learning

 Dr. Barry Carbol

 About Us

The Schmidt & Carbol Consulting Group is a Victoria, British Columbia, Canada company with a 17 year history of providing consultation services to a wide range of public and private sector companies and organizations in Canada, the US, and internationally

The company has extensive experience in the design, development, delivery and implementation of technology-based online programs.  Its educational technology consultation practice, led by Dr. Barry Carbol, also includes an emphasis on technology needs and gap analyses, organizational support, strategic technology planning, and online learning assessment strategies and approaches.

In addition to its educational technology and learning assessment consulting practice, the company, through the leadership of Dr. Faye Schmidt, is engaged in a public  sector change initiatives and projects in areas such as service improvement strategies, enhancing employee engagement, executive development, facilitation, and research (including numerous employee and client satisfaction projects). 

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide custom solutions that work locally, on time, and within allocated budgets.

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Our Beliefs About Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technology

We believe:

  • that educational technology can be a powerful transformative tool. However, the practice of teaching and the learning experience can only be improved by technology if educators and trainers buy-in to its use and are well-prepared and supported.
  • that individuals will approach the integration of technology in unique ways.  A ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work.  It is important to begin the journey by gaining an understanding of where individuals are at.  
  • in the importance of engaging stakeholders in a process that will help them to find effective ways to implement technology in education and training.  We do this through dialogue and collaboration.
  • in the importance of providing practical advice concerning educational technology that can be implemented by faculty and supported by their institutions.